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As an association management company with three decades of experience planning and executing thousands of meetings, we can confidently say we know, better than anyone, how to design and execute a successful meeting for an association.

Meeting face to face presents the biggest opportunity to engage with your members – and they with each other – enabling everyone to network with peers, share success and challenges, and learn of new things affecting your industry. And for most associations, conferences are not only important for member engagement, but they happen to be the biggest driver of the entire annual budget.

Meeting Expectations has a breadth of experience and a deep expertise managing meetings and events. In fact, we’ve brought hundreds of thousands of people together on over 4,000 different occasions. And having planned and produced so many association meetings, we understand how they differ from corporate events. Not only in terms of audiences and budgets, but also in terms of objectives and desired results.

Ours is a reputation built on taking a very strategic approach to association meetings. Before we get down to the millions of little details that need to be handled, we begin at a very high level, using our proprietary InVEST™ attendee experience framework to align education and networking experiences with the needs and interests of your different stakeholders. It’s how we find the “Aha” moment that leads to the big idea, which then drives how we thoughtfully plan the attendee’s journey before, during and after the meeting.

Once the strategic plan is in place, we go to work executing every experience at each and every physical and digital touchpoint: from researching and recommending the ideal meeting venue through the post-event wrap up reporting, to the many things that have to happen in between (honestly, there’s just too many to list).

In the end, it’s all about ensuring your members derive high value from the meeting, your sponsors and exhibitors realize a high ROI and the association achieves its strategic and financial goals.

LEARN MORE about Meeting Expectation’s proprietary InVESTTM framework for live experiences

What to expect:

  • A collaborative team of strategists, meeting planners, education specialists, marketers, creatives and technologists working together to plan and execute every facet of your meeting
  • Strategic framework aligning educational and networking experiences with stakeholder interests as well as the association’s business goals
  • Cloud-based project plan and timeline updated in real-time
  • Comprehensive budget development and monitoring
  • Integrated, multi-channel promotional campaigns segmented to your various audiences
  • Call-for-presenters campaigns, content voting and agenda development
  • Innovative educational formats
  • Custom developed partner program and sales and marketing outreach to potential exhibitor and sponsors
  • Mobile-friendly website to register members, process credit card transactions and gather attendee data providing insight into member interests, opinions and attitudes
  • Speaker management and coordination, distribution of all papers, abstracts and digital assets
  • On-site registration check-in that can combine self-service kiosks with member engagement specialists who provide assistance and answer questions
  • Event technology strategy and on-site technical support ensures everything runs smoothly with the registration system, mobile app, digital signage, interactive polling, on-demand badge printing and more
  • A dedicated on-site meeting manager acts as your centralized point of contact and connection to each facet of the event

Client benefit:

  • A high-level strategic framework outlining how the meeting is designed to deliver business results, as well as, high value to members and exhibitors/sponsors
  • Confidence in an experienced team who ensures all event orders are executed, registration runs smoothly, all meeting programs and activities are well coordinated, and all speakers, presenters, exhibitors and sponsors are well supported

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