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The business of running meetings and events is just that – a business. And we run a tight ship. Once the budget is developed, we manage to it and there’s no exceeding it unless you want to add something or change direction and the cost is approved. So, no surprises. What you get instead is a fiscally responsible partner who believes in following budgets to the penny. And of course, transparent reporting of when and how your money is being spent. 

Whether you’re a newly formed association or one in existence for decades, the leader at the helm typically affects its success. Because just like a corporate board of directors relies on a CEO to lead the company in the right direction, you need to rely on your association’s executive director to do the same.

We put a significant amount of thought and effort into selecting the ideal candidate. Someone with considerable knowledge and experience running an association profitably, who possesses the skills needed to address your unique opportunities and challenges, and who has the kind of temperament and work style that syncs up with your board.

The executive directors you’ll meet at Meeting Expectations average more than 10 years of experience. Their knowledge, educational degrees, and certifications are so extensive that we created an impressive executive think tank. We call it EDTalks™, – a monthly meeting of the minds where our executive directors share best practices, work together to solve current challenges, and share ideas on how best to capitalize on opportunities. The dialogue that emerges from these sessions benefits all of our clients. Essentially, you’ll have 15 executive directors with more than 150 years of collective experience thinking about your business. To provide the ideal fit, we may even recommend performing an executive search, in which case we’ll handle everything from beginning to end.

We believe staffing your association with the right team is vitally important to the overall success of our partnership. And that extends to how we manage the support staff and serve your volunteers as well.

We have extensive experience and expertise in managing structures, policies, and ongoing governance training – all of which play a crucial role in setting and meeting your long-term goals.

Our executive directors meet monthly to internally crowdsource ideas and solutions to business challenges.

What to expect:

  • Staffing, including leadership, support staff and volunteer coordination
  • Vision, mission and unique value proposition
  • Strategic planning and roadmap for the future
  • Governance structures
  • Constitutions and bylaws
  • Policies and procedures, rules and regulations
  • Officer and board governance training
  • Committee liaison
  • Chapter and special interest group management
  • Advocacy
  • Meeting minutes
  • Nominations & elections

Client benefit:

  • An executive director whose skillset, experience and temperament align with your association’s unique business needs and the way your board of directors needs to collaborate
  • A strategic plan to improve upon the present and prepare for the future

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