marketing communications & media

Our team of award-winning strategists and creative talent develop compelling, multi-channel marketing communications, campaigns and media properties that keep your community informed and engaged, recruit new members and promote your association in the industry.

A team of specialists in branding, strategic planning and creative storytelling work closely together to develop innovative and integrated programs that resonate with members and people in your industry. Strategic and results-driven efforts can include the creation or enhancement of your association’s brand; crafting a compelling messaging matrix for your audiences; designing the ideal member journey – optimizing the experience at each touchpoint along the member lifecycle; creating and producing the print and digital media properties; and orchestrating effective member recruitment campaigns.

No matter what the marketing, communications and media mix, we ensure every tactic is on brand and on strategy. Every effort is not only smart but also sensory, meaning it’s designed to intrigue the intellect while triggering the emotions of your audience – inspiring them to think, feel and do.

And of course, we establish success criteria at the onset, monitor the results responsively and deliver post-campaign analytics and analysis to provide valuable insight and inform future endeavors.

Just some of the work that has delivered business results for our clients. And quite a few awards for ourselves.

What to expect:

How we work:

  • Our staffing model includes at least one member educated and experienced in marketing communications
  • Our in-house team of seasoned strategists and creative talent uses cloud-based collaboration tools for project management, file-sharing and presenting work


  • Strategic approach and creative expression of the associations’ vision, mission and unique value proposition
  • Creation of the brand story and positioning, visual look and feel; development and enforcement of brand guidelines to maintain brand integrity
  • Visual branding applied to website and mobile apps

Multi-channel marketing campaigns for member recruitment and retention:

  • Print communications, including newsletters, magazines, direct mail, brochures, invitations and more
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Traditional and digital advertising
  • Marketing automation aligned with the member journey
  • Social media marketing and monitoring
  • Trade publicity
  • Video storytelling strategy, concept, scripting, shooting, editing and animation


  • Strategy, creative, production and distribution of media properties:
    • Print and digital magazines
    • Quarterly newsletters
    • Podcasts and video series
    • Thought leadership training and presentation support

Client benefit:

  • Full support of an award-winning marketing, creative and media team
  • Result-driven strategies for:
    • Building a strong brand that resonates with stakeholders
    • Raising awareness of the association in the industry and positioning it as a go-to resource for the media
    • Increasing revenue through membership growth
    • Building member loyalty and advocacy
    • Maximizing engagement and inspiring attendees to think, feel and act positively

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