Our office serves as the headquarters of your association – providing a central point of daily operations with all the necessary infrastructure in place from day one. Our staffing model combines a dedicated team plus access to a staff of 100+ across each of our centers of excellence.

There’s a popular saying that when you’re too busy working “in the business” you’re not working “on the business.” In order to move on to important, more strategic initiatives, we first do what it takes to get day-to-day operations running like a well-oiled machine, from IT and equipment needed to run a modern business to the people that perform every facet of daily operations.

Our company is structured as a collection of small association staffs with access to big association infrastructure. It’s a model that ensures we deliver the kind of consistent personal service you can expect from a small, dedicated team, plus a deep bench of talent to tap for world-class shared services.

Each one of our 100+ colleagues are organized into centers of excellence for member management, professional education, marketing and creative services, technology, meetings and accounting. Each one personifies our Core Values and is dedicated to delivering great client service. They are empowered to apply their knowledge, unique talents and wealth of experience in ways that improve operations across the board.

Our operations model is fully scalable, allowing resources to expand or contract based on the annual budget, or even on a cyclical or project basis as the needs of the associations evolve. Our client on-boarding process is multi-phased which is proven more effective in ensuring a smooth transition.

Our executive directors meet monthly to internally crowdsource ideas and solutions to business challenges.

What to expect:

Phase 1 – Assessment

  • Establish baseline
  • Information gathering
  • Review bylaws
  • Review all files
  • Create action plan
  • Assess staffing needs
  • Review all existing processes

Phase 2 – Transitional

  • Telecom transfer
  • Email transfer
  • Create filing system
  • Ongoing staff education
  • Frequent management check-ins

Phase 3 – Operational

  • Support team fully operational
  • Review, adjust, enhance
  • Long-term planning
  • Focus on membership & conference growth
  • Reporting

Client benefit:

  • Multi-phase integration and transition process minimizes disruption
  • Small, dedicated staff delivers personal service
  • Access to member management, professional education, marketing and creative services, technology, meetings and accounting.

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