We provide the infrastructure and support systems that enable your organization to manage the member relationship effectively and conduct day-to-day operations efficiently. Expect us to recommend and implement solutions that deliver strategic value and a high return on investment.

Meeting Expectations has a full-service team of technology professionals working closely with leadership teams in developing a strategic technical vision. We then develop an executional plan, as well as, manage the entire implementation process to ensure goals are met on time and on budget. 

Our business and technology analysts stay abreast of the latest advancements in association-related solutions and platform offerings in order to perform proper due diligence and assess which technologies best answer your needs in terms of budget, feature set, ease-of-use and support services. For instance, when it comes to choosing the best AMS (Association Management System), we use a checklist of more than 300 potential features weighted to evaluate available platforms, enabling us to recommend the right one for your association. You can have confidence that this important decision was made by people with both a head or business and a mind for computing.

Our clients also benefit from our ability to leverage knowledge and successes across or customer base when helping you meet an IT challenge.

What to expect:

  • A technology strategy that makes sound business sense
  • A comprehensive, comparative assessment of available platforms and solutions
  • Recommendations that best fit your needs and budget
  • Technical oversight when solutions we recommend are implemented

Client benefit:

  • Confident decision-making thanks to comprehensive, yet succinct, recommendations from a team who translate technology-speak into business terms you can relate to
  • Peace of mind knowing if there is ever any technical challenge, you have easy access to a full-service team that knows what technologies are in place and how to maintain them

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