03.31.22 | Associations

The Power of Partnerships

Earlier this month, we hosted “Amplify Your Association Through Powerful Partnerships”, a webinar featuring our association experts, OATUG Executive Director Ragan Cohn, CAE and OSAP Executive Director Michelle Lee, CPC. This live session offered insights into the power of partnerships, and how to seal the deal on your next partnership opportunity. Read on for top takeaways from the live webinar.

Why Partnerships are Valuable

Strong partnerships are a driving force for change. During this time of transition, the old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats really is true. By focusing on broader industry growth, partnerships have the power to multiply capabilities and maximize resources to push organizations further, as a result of combined effort.

Partnerships support organizations of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, organizations of all types were challenged by the COVID pandemic and many are still affected. Cultivating meaningful, strong partnerships builds momentum and brand equity for the association and your partners.

Identifying Partners

As much as we would love to access an abundance of professional relationships as easily as sending a connection invite, not all relationships can be gained and maintained like our LinkedIn accounts. When cultivating partnerships, consider your goals as an organization as well as the goals of your potential partners. By ensuring alignment with goals and missions, you’ll uncover the opportunity to ignite a powerful bond between your association and the outside partner.

Maintaining Effective Partnerships

Once you have identified your ideal partnerships, build a smart toolset to help you initiate that connection. During the live webinar, our panelists outlined step-by-step how to handle outreach – but ultimately, your initial communication should remain simple and to the point.

Maintaining this relationship takes smooth and steady follow-up. When our experts foster partnerships, frequent check-ins and courteous communications are at the top of the list. This will reinforce your ability to facilitate relationship-building practices at every level.

In case you missed it, view this session below.

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