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Webinar Recap: The Resignation of Old Ideas

Organizations can reimagine the great resignation as a great opportunity, using a change in perspective, an open mind … and a focus on innovation. During our last webinar, Meeting Expectations’ association management experts shared advice and insights for associations eager to prepare, attract, and retain their next generation of leaders.

Missed it? You can watch the full session on-demand, or get our key takeaways:

Drive Long-term Retention

Starting at the core issue, Amanda Hammerli, CMP, noted, “Employers are looking for ways to invest in their employees that improve long-term retention.” So, how can associations increase staff engagement? One powerful approach is to provide high-value and ongoing leadership training and development. Programs such as mastermind mentoring groups and micro-learning sessions invest in your workforce and make them more likely to stay.

“When investing at every leadership level, consider each generation’s learning pathways,” noted Karl Kirsch, CAE. For example, we’ve seen great success in organizations that offer mini-training sessions in the workplace. These quick, topical sessions solidify organizational knowledge and provide an instant confidence boost for your employees.

Streamline New Processes

If there is one thing that our experts agree on, it’s the benefit of setting up and implementing smart – and often automated ­– solutions that enhance productivity.

Whether you’re using Google Docs, Smartsheet, Trello, or something else, our association experts have successfully automated some daily tasks to save precious workday hours and allow the association teams to spend their time more fully engaged with their boards and membership. Hammerli noted that it’s more than just time savings: these applications help establish and stick with better organization and priority-setting, making them valuable across any project.

Network for Success

Those of us who work in association management all know it, but it still can’t be said enough: don’t underestimate the continued value of old-fashioned networking, even in our digital-first world. Delivering opportunities for your member and stakeholder communities to engage deepens their bonds with your association.

“Build your network before you need a network; when it comes to coaching or consulting, be ready to project for growth.”

Karl Kirsch, CAE

Offset Your Biggest Challenges

Instilling a future-forward mindset will help your association successfully navigate the challenges of today and set you up for greater success tomorrow. Ready to instill a culture of innovation into your association? Get in touch.

Go deeper with the full session, below.

June 2022 Meeting Expectations Webinar

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