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16 Insights from Conference Experts

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Authors: Meeting Expectations Team
From years of designing meetings and large scale conferences, Meeting Expectations wants you to have 16 pieces of advice you can implement immediately or work into your next strategic conference plan.

Convention Value Trends
It may seem obvious, but it is a great idea to plan out your locations and book your convention venues early! In today’s economy, rates for vendors and hotels are increasing and you don’t want to be surprised by higher prices.

Mind and Body Engagements
Your attendees want to stimulate their mind AND body. Offering a morning yoga class, a themed group run or a glow in the dark fitness class energizes and encourages deeper attendee interactions. You and your attendees can create unforgettable experiences.

Diversify Your Meeting Design
Let’s flip the switch on the culture of learning at events. Consider delivering mastermind sessions that encourage intimate conversations and multi-levels of participation.

Expand the App – Expand Your Reach
Use your event app as an engagement portal. Try integrating it into your marketing and communications methods for use before, during and after the event is over. Give it a unique name and brand it appropriately.

Use Your Marketing Metrics
Embrace your analytics and data. Being focused on measurements allows your team to make real-time adjustments to registration campaigns and establishes a data baseline for future campaigns.

Location, Dates and Competing Events
A meeting planner expert keeps their eyes on details and the big picture. When selecting a location for your event, be aware of other events happening in the city at the same time. Will it impact the number of hotel rooms available or overshadow the message of your event?

Education Styles and Your Audience
Let’s face it – 10% of your attendees may not want to participate in anything. What can you do? Know your audience and the appropriate education style. Become familiar with the concepts of top-down, horizontal and bottom-up learning. There’s an engagement technique for everyone.

Build Your Program Foundation
Start with a strong foundation. Write down your overall conference objectives and make sure each program serves a purpose. Additionally, write down your program learning objectives. Format changes are exciting for the attendee, but make it relate back to your
overall objectives.

First Impressions
When we plan events, we think about all the touch points involved in the registration process. Consider what the attendee experiences when they walk into the registration area: Are there wires in plain sight? What is the temperature in the room? How would it translate if it was the first time you saw it?

Cross Team Collaborations
Team collaborations can save the day. It’s a great problem to have, but what do you do you when sponsor or ad space has sold out in a printed program guide? Let the sales and design team collaborate for a quick solution: we put in full page sponsor ads on the
program guide tab pages. This was a specific solution for a client, but remembering this type of concept is helpful.

Websites Are More Than Appearances
Your event website is about more than online registration and visual appearances. Always keep it up to date with relevant information and make sure the architecture of the site works for your audience. We take our clients through a detailed process to ensure
this happens.

Transfers of Knowledge
Consider your event processes. We believe any event process requires a clear transfer of knowledge. While managing events, we stress the importance of consistency and transparency in handling revenue systems, registration processes and communication plans. What type of training or process guidelines do you need?

Pretty View…With Fine Print
Building authentic relationships with venue and hotel contacts are essential, but it is also critical to understand or work with someone that has advanced knowledge of industry and legal expertise.

Brand Strength
Branding needs to carry over to every area of the experience. From signage, badges, websites, surveys, speakers, email campaigns, booths and follow-ups; ensure that every party involved has the right version of the logo, the correct tone in writing and an understanding of what your event is trying accomplish!

Healthy Options
Offer healthy eating options. We’re all trying to eat better, so make it an easier option for your attendees. Juice bars, gluten-free items, lactose-free and organic options can make a huge difference in the overall conference experience.

Room and Table Configurations Matter
Do you know what type of room set-up works best for a specific program or type of attendee? Your room set-up can impact the effectiveness of breakout sessions, influence attention spans and goes hand-in-hand with program design.

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