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7 Things I’ve Learned over 25 Years in Business

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Meeting Expectations President Brian Meyer reflects on lessons learned in his years at the company, which in 2017 is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

  1. Hire Great People – It’s nearly impossible to build a great team and a great company if you don’t have great people. My approach has always been to find the best people I can, provide them the tools and guidance to be successful, and allow them to prosper, grow, and shine.
  2. Clients Are King – Never take clients and client relationships for granted. Understanding client needs is part science and part intuition. The scientific piece revolves around building and executing solid strategic and tactical plans for your customers. The intuition piece revolves around building relationships, anticipating needs, and delivering an experience that exceeds expectations.
  3. Learn From Your Mistakes – In business as in life, mistakes are going to happen and sooner or later you are going to be the one making them. A very important component of learning is first admitting your mistake. Then the key is to learn and grow from them. And to not repeat the same mistake again. I believe the type of mistake is revealing as well. Did you take a risk and put yourself out there and it didn’t turn out well? That is going to happen and that is OK. Or, did you get lazy, not follow through, or just take a shortcut that led to bad results. That is not OK.
  4. Always Be Learning – Even after 20 years at Meeting Expectations, I think I learn something new just about every day. Possess and cultivate a curious mind and spirit. Push yourself and you will be surprised at what you can do!
  5. Evolve – Business is in a constant state of change. Always be adapting and evolving. Over the past twenty years, I have found that if or when we get complacent as a business or management team, it is followed shortly thereafter with lackluster results. One of the most difficult things to do is to take a critical look at your business when times are good.
  6. Make Decisions – For important decisions, gather the appropriate amount of information in a collaborative fashion from good people that you trust, assess the situation, and make your decision.
  7. Celebrate Success – The integration of technology has created a dynamic in our personal and professional lives where it can appear that there is never any down time for us. The advice I give to everyone is to make sure you take some time to reflect, celebrate success with your team, and be intentional with your time.

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