02.28.19 | Associations

Shared Services Create a Model for Success

Image of a group meeting at a table

The Association for Financial Technology (AFT) is the industry’s premier resource for networking and professional development for those companies and executives serving U.S. financial institutions (FI’s), including banks, credit unions, lenders and payment companies.

Client Objective

AFT’s executive director retired after 42 years at the helm and they needed a new staffing model.


The Meeting Expectations team worked with the AFT Board and proposed a staffing solution that would bring resources to the organization beyond what two staff members could provide. By using a shared services model, AFT now enjoys support from an executive director, association manager, CPA for accounting, a senior meeting planner and all the infrastructure of a professional headquarters – for about the same cost as two direct-hire staff.


By bringing additional resources to address new opportunities, sponsorship revenue increased by 47%. This gave the organization the funds to invest in professional staging and production for their semi-annual summits, which attracted more senior industry participants and even more sponsorship.

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