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Meeting Expectations Delights AIS with Print-on-Demand Registration

Authors: Meeting Expectations Team

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. AIS is the premier professional association for individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice and study of information systems worldwide.

Client Objective

The International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS), an AIS annual conference, is held in an international or domestic location each year. In addition to the normal challenges of an event with over 1,700 attendees, conference logistics and registration for global events present a unique set of challenges. Preprinted attendee badges have to be shipped in advance or carried in staff luggage, causing questions to be asked such as, “Will the badge materials actually make it in time? Will the luggage get lost? Isn’t there a faster and easier way to do this?”

Meeting Expectations faced these challenges head-on and elevated the experience of conference attendees by providing a tech-savvy solution to reduce registration issues and alleviate the need for pre-printed badges.


Create a print-on-demand registration system that improves the quality of the attendee experience, the staff experience and increases accuracy and efficiency. The print-on-demand process includes the following: 

  1. After registering online, three to five days before the event, the attendee receives an email that includes the event info, a registration ID number or, in some cases, a bar code.
  2. They will use these credentials to print their badge at the event. The attendee walks up to the registration area (arranged for self-check-in or as a fully staffed registration desk, depending on the need), enters their name, registration number or scans a barcode from the email on their phone or printed email. 
  3. Their information is presented on the screen for review and edits. The badge is printed on the spot and within seconds, the attendee is ready to enter the event.


An improved registration system was developed and implemented for use at future AIS conferences. The system was implemented at several events with great success and praise. Representative results include:

  • Reduced staffing at the registration desk – Fewer check-in stations were required (reducing setup and rental costs), training on the system for volunteers was simple and the need for supply runs was eliminated.
  • Improved presentation – The need for boxes of pre-printed badges at the registration counter and alphabetized queues by last name were eliminated, creating a streamlined welcome area and flow.
  • Improved logistics and efficiency – Staff no longer prepares badges prior to the event or spends time editing registrants’ names, suffixes or misspellings, reducing registration costs overall.
  • Reporting accuracy & data insights – Real-time registration reports are created with ease and the system provides information on peak registration times for future event staff planning and registration hours.
  • Increased sponsorship opportunity – Promotional placement for registration sponsors is available on the self-check-in screen, creating a new revenue opportunity.
  • Improved the attendee experience – Attendees were impressed with the system, the resulting non-existent registration lines, ease of use and the ability to edit badge information on the spot.

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