Bank Shot! A VirtuALL Trade Show Drives Revenue for Billiard Industry

Client Objective

Crisis brings opportunity. Because of the pandemic, the BCA was faced with either cancelling its signature annual trade show or reimaging it as a virtual experience. We guided the BCA to create a virtual event that went far beyond the platform to support an industry destined to operate in a new normal even after the pandemic ends.


We created new branding, website and marketing materials to reflect the inclusive direction for the event: BCA VirtuALL Expo. Then we brought the vision to life:

  1. Made it easy to participate: Many members are wary of technology, so it was imperative to make participation easy and user-friendly. We selected a single technology platform. In the weeks leading up to the Expo, we ensured attendees would be able to participate, developing tools like a “How to Register” infographic and a tutorial video to showcase features.
  2. Provided concierge service to exhibitors: From hands-on support to set up each exhibit space, to script and video development, and guidance on “call to action” messaging, we crafted an experience that met the audience. We also created a “Know Before You Connect” campaign with steps for exhibitors to experience a successful trade show.
  3. Geared webinars to content necessary for a “new normal”: Nearly every facet of the industry had traditional customer acquisition paths blocked during the pandemic, forcing them to create new paths for customer acquisition. We developed a series of educational seminars providing strategic guidance to create new sales funnels, for both during and after the pandemic.
  4. Promoted the event to the entire industry, not just members: By making it available to all businesses in the billiard and home recreation industry, the Expo allowed the BCA to showcase its value to both members and potential members.






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