Going Online Keeps NPMA on Track

NPMA online education

Client Objective

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the National Property Management Association (NPMA) to cancel in-person education classes, the association looked for ways to meet member demands for online professional development. The ME team was tasked to quickly find a solution that would provide members with the best experience, while also providing NPMA with the interactive tools needed to keep engagement high.


After rigorous yet swift testing, we selected the best technology platform to serve all the needs that the educational courses would require. Our team worked with NPMA’s education instructors beforehand and created customized user manuals to troubleshoot any potential problems. Each morning during the professional development events, the ME team ensured sessions got off to a good start and remained available throughout the day to address any issues.


Successful adoption of online learning spurred continued course scheduling into 2021

Online learning allowed NPMA to maintain financial stability even without live events

Online learning allowed NPMA to add to its already robust membership offerings

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