From Bare Bones to Branding Magic

The Digital Orthopaedics Conference and Regenerative Orthopedics Conference (DOCSF/ROCSF) kicked off 2019 in San Francisco, January 5-6. This event hosted 400 medical innovators and health care leaders at the InterContinental Hotel. DOCSF/ROCSF entered its third year and partnered with Meeting Expectations to organize the event from head to toe. Meeting Expectations focused on logistics, sponsorship sales, on-site registration support and creative branding and design for the event.

Going into their 2019 conference, DOCSF/ROCSF had a great depth of compelling, informational content but needed a boost of “magic” to uplift attendees and match the professionalism and intellectual rigor of the thought leadership being offered. The scarcity of event branding, signage, organization and event execution at past events limited the conference from its true potential.

ME! emphasized the importance of cohesive branding throughout the event marketing campaign and incorporated a well-balanced marketing and branding strategy that included website imagery, email, signage, conference badges, speaker PowerPoint templates and other collateral. By taking ME’s strategical brand advice, DOCSF/ROCSF executed a fully polished event that is here to stay – and growing.

The overall success was due to the transformation of a good, content-rich event into a well-executed event brand that now truly reflects the world-class education offered. With ME’s help, the conference brand now guides the attendee through an educational and immersive brand journey from start to finish

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The Meeting Expectations team is very professional, honest and great to work with.  They are extremely transparent in their feedback and direction. Probably, the most important part about working with the Meeting Expectations team is their years of expertise and knowledge in hosting a great event. In my honest opinion, there is nowhere else to look. If you want to host a great corporate event, engage with Meeting Expectations.

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