Re-Inventing Educational Experiences

Riverboat Talks


Over its 20-year history, OATUG’s COLLABORATE conference grew each and every year – resulting in 600+ educational sessions by 2018. Attendees were overwhelmed by too many choices and that high number of of sessions risked content duplication, so it was time to innovate and create an even more impactful conference.


An innovative, standout format came with an assist from the host destination, San Antonio. ME created “Rivertalks,” mobile classrooms set in 30-person tour boats, taking attendees onto the San Antonio River for selected sessions. Each day, industry experts led these floating sessions, creating an intimate and engaging experience.


Fully booked every Rivertalk, with demand sparking repeat sessions

Improved session evaluation scores by 15%

Delivered impactful content to more attendees by streamlining sessions by 40%

Riverboat Talks
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