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OSAP Virtual

Client Objective

As OSAP geared up for its 2022 OSAP Dental Infection Control Boot Camp™, cases of the COVID-19 Omicron variant were rising quickly. Functioning as the leading organization for dental infection prevention, patient safety education and training, OSAP’s leadership faced the difficult decision to dramatically restructure the event to become virtual – in just a few short weeks. It was apparent that an in-person event during global health unrest was misaligned with OSAP’s mission. Led by the association management and contract experts of Meeting Expectations (ME), the team triaged to create the best path forward for leadership, stakeholders, and participants.


In collaboration with the OSAP Executive Committee, the ME association management team rigorously prepared the required elements to take Boot Camp virtual: revised the course agenda, implemented a virtual event platform, conducted training for speakers and exhibitors, and updated marketing and communications for all stakeholders. Meanwhile, the ME sites and contract experts undertook contract negotiations with the venue. We successfully terminated the contracted venue with no penalties by citing OSAP’s mission and referring to strong contract cancellation and force majeure language.Relying on strong project management skills, the team worked in sprints to streamline processes and set up the virtual event platform. In just 11 business days, ME pivoted Boot Camp from an in-person event to an engaging virtual experience providing critical dental infection control and safety education to the oral health care community.


Provided crucial education in an engaging online format to more than 630 participants
Enabled on-going sale of recorded sessions after the course to an additional 70+ participants
Exceeded event profit goal by 12%
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