Taking Franchises Further

Taking Franchises Further

Client Objective

More than 1,200 franchisees, vendors, chefs and employees gather for Arby’s bi-annual Worldwide Franchise Convention. The company looks to Meeting Expectations to deliver a showstopping three-day event.


From start to finish, we mastered the attendee journey. A seamless, print-on-demand check-in delivered badges in seconds so attendees could flow through the action-packed agenda, entering the 19,000 sq. ft show floor featuring 180 companies.

Five immersive food distribution points introduced new menu items: a new Hawaiian roll sandwich was provided within a tropical paradise; while 90 feet away, a quaint coffee shop served as the backdrop for a new bakery item.

To keep attendees energized throughout the day, we installed a local artist stage – letting them experience Nashville without ever leaving the conference.


Achieved 90% mobile app adoption, up from 40% at the previous event

Increased supplier participation by 10%

Successfully transitioned to a paperless conference for the first time

Created and sold new and exclusive in-app sponsorships

Arby's CEO
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