Thinking Outside the “Docks”: Creative Culinary Solution Saves Franchise Convention

Loading Dock at BWW Live

Client Objective

At the BWW’s 2021 Worldwide Convention, we sought to introduce and build excitement for a new culinary menu item, a new snack, and three new sauces for America’s largest sports bar. Without the use of an accessible place to prepare hot, fresh samples, we accepted the challenge of creating a makeshift kitchen.

We also needed to make sure that sponsorships met all laws and regulations related to serving alcohol samples to attendees.


Meeting Expectations partnered with equipment and culinary teams to build a fully functional kitchen on the docks and to repurpose a hotel kitchen. With collaborative creativity, the culinary showcase experience was a smashing success.

We also partnered with 44 different alcohol vendors and provided the special attention required to meet all regulations for alcohol sampling – while delivering sponsorship value!

At Meeting Expectations, we see challenges as opportunities to expand our expertise, and we rise to the occasion.


Solved kitchen crisis with unique solution

Delivered samples to more than 1,000 attendees

Exceeded sponsorship goal at 105%

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