Why Hotel Partnerships Matter: How We Secured $336k In Savings for a Leading Technology Users Group


This association client is a membership-based, volunteer-led, and professionally managed not-for-profit organization committed to supporting the users of a specific software; applications used by construction and real estate professionals to track their projects’ lifecycles.

This client hosts a yearly users conference with approximately 800 attendees from all over the United States.


When COVID-19 forced one of our user group clients to shift its spring
conference to fall, many of its members were not yet ready to travel mere
months later for another event. Feeling challenged by the tight conference
schedule, the client needed help lifting some of its event space liability to
recoup any losses. Registration data confirmed that numbers stalled at only
50% against previous events.


Weekly calls between the hotel – a top Marriott property, its account
executive, and our site selection experts led to successful brainstorming for
solutions that reduced overall liabilities. We secured a fair arrangement by
proactively releasing event space and sleeping rooms to allow the venue to
resell the space. Additionally, we agreed to remove some concession terms,
which allowed our client to receive more reduction of liability.


Saved client $336,000

reduced food & beverage liability by 26%

reduced room block liability by 43%

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