Ambassadors for Each Other

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Company culture sets organizations apart and shows the world who they are. Today’s candidates want to join companies that match their values, beliefs and purpose, just as companies look for candidates who meet the same criteria. Meeting Expectations has always focused on its culture and worked to make sure every new employee is not just a good fit for the position, but for the culture as well. According to Forbes, employees who are a great culture fit have greater job satisfaction, are more likely to remain with their organization, and demonstrate superior job performance. Employee retention is also proven to save money and the time of having to replace an employee. 

Over the past few years, we have taken the traditional onboarding one step further and dove into what makes the culture great.  I welcomed the opportunity to be part of this process and help to create our Ambassador program.

There was an opportunity here, an opportunity to create a better, more welcoming environment, and I was excited to make my mark. Excited to welcome our new employees and show them how grateful we are to have them as part of the team. I teamed up with our Senior HR Business Partner and we got to work on how we could better integrate our culture into the onboarding process. After months of research, brainstorming and planning, we began implementing the new Ambassador program.

The ambassador program provides new staff members with a knowledgeable resource who can answer questions, provide advice, and generally assist with easing the onboarding transition of the new staff. The ambassador helps to quickly and smoothly get the new employee adjusted to the social, operational, and performance aspects of their new job.

Before their first day, the new staff member is introduced to his/her ambassador via email to answer any initial questions. The ambassador meets the staff member in our lobby on the first day, provides a tour and introductions.  Over the first few months, the ambassador is available to provide support, encouragement and help with engagement. 

We strive to make sure our employees are happy, but we also want to do the same for our clients. By starting our new staff members off on the right foot and giving them the proper resources to succeed, we can get them started on client work quicker and bridging the gap on client service.

Since implementing these initiatives, we have surveyed new employees and have received phenomenal feedback on the interviewing and onboarding process. We have improved employee retention and made sure new employees can embrace our positive culture. Learn more about our company culture and benefits.

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