12.02.21 | Corporate Events

Creatively Reward Your Top Talent This Holiday Season

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As the chill of winter settles in, your sales team is heating up to meet and exceed year-end goals. With many businesses enduring a record labor shortage, there’s no time like the present to keep your crew motivated into 2022 with ME Rewards, our individual travel incentives reward program. 

Retaining and motivating your most loyal employees requires more than a flexible schedule and verbal recognition. After all, today’s staff already feels stretched from the pressures of the pandemic. Consumers have already shown their spending power, as the National Retail Federation expects a record-breaking holiday season. Your employees are your greatest asset, and in these dearth times, monetary rewards and traditional gifts may fall short of recognizing their contributions or inspiring further motivation.  

The many benefits of incentive travel

ME Rewards delivers a tailored experience that powers performance, generates results, and, most of all, inspires your people to excel.

Not only do end-of-year incentives change your employees’ holidays, but they can also improve their quality of life and create new motivation. Our programs can incorporate anything from restorative group or individual travel to lavish and high-flying experiential moments. No matter what you choose, our concierge-level service assures your satisfaction. 

Now, there’s always a time and a place for financial bonuses, and they can be a great motivational tool. Research shows that non-cash rewards beget more of a performance lift than cash for the same investment. Other benefits of incentive travel include flexibility to quickly shift focus, whereas cash is less flexible and is often associated with compensation. Without implementing a reliable incentive program like ME Rewards, employers risk losing top talent. Today’s workforce demands a fresh perspective when it comes to compensation. Short of hastily changing your compensation structure for the holidays, incentives demonstrate a willingness to rethink their structure.  

Employees are motivated and more productive when they feel valued, appreciated, and rewarded in any business climate. Studies show that employees feel an even closer bond when the incentive aligns with the team’s culture – and we excel in this arena.  

Get ready for the holidays with ME Rewards. Contact our experts to learn more, or reach out to Lisa Neylon, CIS, directly.

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