Entertainment for Virtual Events

The world is opening back up and – if our calendars are any indication – in-person events are coming back quickly. But, if we have learned anything since COVID-19, it is that virtual events will remain a mainstay in the right circumstances. Virtual events do not just have to be boring “talking head” meetings or slideshow webinars. Over the past year as we’ve conducted hundreds of online events, our team has put their creativity to the test to engage audiences from their home offices, kitchens, bedrooms or wherever their makeshift offices have been. Some ways we’ve passed the test:


Having live music at the end of the day for a virtual happy hour fosters interactivity and captures attendee’s attention. The attendees can also have their family or roommates join in the fun and have a dance party at home. Just as at an in-person event, we have planned virtual events with DJs and bands, which makes it feel like you’re at a concert.

Dueling Pianos is another great option for virtual events. Have your attendees spend their evening with two charismatic and hilarious entertainers who are more than ready to engage and entertain.  It takes a lot of talent to show up and play songs from artists such as Adele, the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Elton John and the Police (to name only a few) in a free spirited and fun way!  One of our clients even customized a song written as a collaboration with the performers, which was a surprise to all and a huge hit.


Is food the way to get your attendees? Partner with a chef from as far away as Tuscany and host a virtual cooking class. Have all the ingredients sent to attendees beforehand and they can learn how to make homemade fettucine with a carbonara sauce and chicken saltimbocca. Another option could be as simple as a wine and cheese tasting, or a wine and chocolate pairing class.

Having a mixologist join your online event is another way to increase engagement. There are multiple ways to incorporate a mixologist. We can work with them to send out kits so each attendee can make the same drink at home while following their instruction. Another fun way to incorporate a mixologist into your event is by preselecting a few attendees to participate and have the mixologist guide them based on what they have in their house.


Another unique, fun event is working with Nike to have attendees customize their own pair of shoes. Whether a customer advisory board or a prospective client, designing their own one-of-a-kind pair of shoes is a win-win for everyone.  And what better way to show off your masterpiece creation than by wearing them at your next face to face meeting!

Health and wellness have remained an important aspect of events for several years, and even more top of mind while attendees have been limited to virtual events. Tying in the importance of the health and security of your remote workforce network along with your own personal health, we led an event that brought in an expert to share tips and tricks to master your mindset for 2021 and beyond. This could also be made into a session during a virtual event to help attendees focus on relaxation and the elimination of stress.  

Community service and giving back can also be done in the virtual world. There are organizations we can help you partner with that help each attendee give back to their local community. One example: each attendee can be mailed materials to hand make a blanket to help bring love and comfort to a child going through the foster care system. The blanket then goes to a local foster care child in the attendees ZIP code/area. Attendees can network while making blankets for a great team-building benefit.

Our team is ready to help you with your next event and help bring a new level of engagement during your virtual events. Contact us today.

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