11.17.20 | Corporate Events

In-Person Meetings: Accomplished

The meetings and events industry has always been on the leading edge of innovation, creative, and resourcefulness. So, it’s no surprise that even in 2020, we are finding ways to continue to bring people together, safely and successfully. 

No matter how effective technology is at facilitating work… its only in bringing people together that we can accomplish great things. The Microsoft CEO said it best, at a recent Wall Street Journal virtual conference:

“What we as human beings need, want, seek … is human contact.” 

– Satya Nadella

The health and wellbeing of our clients is always our foremost priority at Meeting Expectations, as it is for all of our industry peers. That’s why, across the industry, we’re finding ways to bring face-to-face events to fruition – meetings that enable companies and organizations to meet their goals and advance their stories. 

Over the last few months, we’ve seen many signs of the meeting industry’s resilience. Not only have we managed several successful face-to-face meetings for small groups, but others have as well. One of the challenges we faced is having a resource that provides high-level data on those events. Not finding one, we decided to create our own: Meetings Accomplished, a web-based solution that captures key event details and creates reports filtered based on the data important to your organization. We are making it publicly available to our industry at-large. 

Our goals are to have a central resource on the types and sizes of meetings that have taken place and to provide everyone with proof that meetings can happen safely and successfully today. 

To add your actualized meeting and view the ever-growing list, visit Meetings Accomplished

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