08.31.21 | Corporate Events

Meet the Newest ME Team Members

Meetings and events are back! To meet the growing demand, Meeting Expectations has welcomed several new members to our meeting management team. Our widespread workforce has one thing in common: a passion for bringing people together to accomplish great things.  

Staff members join from local Atlanta to distant Russia and share how their past experiences contribute to their present success.  

Tell us about a teachable moment from your past work.

Cheryl Sklar: I worked for a promotional products company and we were trying to sell a line of graduation products to high schools. It was close to impossible getting them to change from the companies they used for years to a company they’d never heard of. I learned a lot about perseverance, patience, and presentations.

Yvonne Escudié: Early in my career, I was an assistant F&B director. I managed supervisors who were much older than me; I earned their respect by demonstrating my work ethic on a daily basis.

What’s your most rewarding life experience so far?

Mary Kate McBurney: Studying abroad in Nottingham, England, I met so many wonderful people and pushed myself in a lot of new ways. 

Charles Richards, III: Gaining my CMP designation has been my most life rewarding experience to date. 

What would you be in your next life?

Jamie Young: Book editor

Natalia Hurd: A crime detective

Teachings of endurance and growth move us forward personally and professionally – raising families, earning certifications, and immersing ourselves in other cultures. Our success is rooted in the unique values and experiences the team brings from their real-life experiences.  

Vickie Helfensine: I’m so happy to be working at ME and look forward to contributing to the company’s success.

Learn more about our newest team members and how they can help you achieve your goals.  

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