08.07.19 | Corporate Events

Riverbed Sales Kickoff Builds Bonds Through CSR

Event attendees built bikes and assembled bears for local community

How Riverbed’s Sales Kickoff Took Corporate Social Responsibility to the Next Level

Riverbed is a digital performance company that helps transform the way customers run the powerful network- and cloud-based apps that connect people, businesses and experiences in our digital world.


The client wanted to inspire teamwork, networking and camaraderie for their more than 800 internal stakeholders while engaging in a new activity that would give back to the local Las Vegas community.


Meeting Expectations developed and executed an activity to enable participants to engage with colleagues they didn’t know or may not work with. They were randomly assigned to teams, who built bikes, designed superhero teddy bears and created a comic book story encouraging kids to
be their own superheroes.


Riverbed participants assembled 90 bikes, 90 unique superhero bears and 90 comic books. The donations benefitted the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas and children whose parents are utilizing the services at the Veteran’s Transition Resource Center. The program concluded with representatives from both organizations giving a heartfelt thank you on behalf of the charities and the recipients.

100% of the respondents thought the team building was a good use of their time at the event and reduced the stress of traditional networking experiences. The results also stated they felt they had a high impact on a local child’s life. The client felt this was a better use of the event budget for the team bonding experience versus a traditional networking event.

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