Show Them the Value: Virtual Event Insights for Sponsors

As we approach the end of the year, you’ve probably navigated through hosting one, or several, virtual events.  You figured out platform benefits, kept the attendees engaged, and retained sponsor revenue. Congratulations, that was a huge undertaking! Now, you may be reviewing the data and analytics from the event and considering what these insights mean for sponsors. Here are a few thoughts:

At first, it may appear that the sponsor impressions are not where you thought they should be. But, take a closer look at the attendee categories and total views. Recently, I had a similar reaction. Upon review, I can say that 60% of my sponsor page views came from their target audiences, and there were 960 total record views when there were only 60 sponsor records total.  Keep the perspective! 

Even when virtual event attendance isn’t as strong as a live event, the people who register and show up are the qualified leads. Sponsors don’t have to navigate through lists of people who only wanted the giveaway at the booth; they know that those who engaged with them at the virtual event had to bypass emails and other work from their days and were there for the sponsor.

If your organization is extending the availability of event content, don’t discount the on-demand views that happen after the show dates. There may have been 300 attendees during the “on air” show dates, but that can grow exponentially the longer the content is available for viewing. Your event management marketing team should have a dynamic plan for extending the life of your virtual event – can you offer access to those who couldn’t make it during the dates? Are there contact details or scheduling options you can provide to pair with the sponsor post-show? Use this to continue the conversations for sponsors. The more engaged your organization is with them, the less likely they are to drift away.

Finally, always be reviewing and considering new ideas. Looking ahead, if there isn’t something you can build upon from the show, is there something year-round? Or something you can do in the lead up to the event next time? For example, your team can set up meet and greets ahead of the event so attendees and sponsors have “met” with three people prior to attending – creating a network and engagement. They can create content highlights, especially if you’re prerecording sessions – that can be sponsored.

There are so many ways to create value – and show measurable results and insights to virtual event sponsors. Got a question? We’re here to help

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