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Meeting Expectations is a leading producer and consultant for drone and FPV events, races and demonstrations for all ages. Whether you want to host a pro-level drone competition or want to incorporate some exciting drone aerobatics into your next conference, contact us! We’ve navigated the intricacies of indoor and outdoor drone events in several cities. Resident events industry drone expert, Christine Hilgert can brainstorm a unique solution for you.

Our high-flying success includes:

THEgame of Drones

Perfect for technology-inclined audiences, this promotion encourages conference participants to interact with exhibitors in order to “earn their wings,” then train to fly on virtual reality equipment. Once ready for action, they compete in an indoor, custom-built flying course. Drone demonstrations and giveaways keep the crowd excited from start to finish. This is a great way to infuse your conference or exhibit hall with cutting-edge energy and fun!


This four-day public expo was the first ever created for the drone hobbyist community. Welcoming over 1000 participants to the Georgia Dome and the Georgia World Congress Center, F3Expo featured:

  • The Thunderdrone 500: A team endurance race around the vast interior of the famed Georgia Dome!
  • The Masters of Freestyle: the world’s top pilots competed on a custom-built 3D freestyle course.
  • Individual Racing: FPV racers navigated another custom-built 20,000 square-foot course.
  • Aerial Photography Contest: Drone photographers submitted their best work and the public determined the winner!
  • Education Sessions & Workshops: From hands-on drone building to a legislative update from the FAA, drone hobbyists honed their equipment, flying skills and knowledge in a variety of sessions.
  • Expo Hall: Dozens of drone retailers and educational organizations shared the latest products and knowledge.
  • Free Field Trip Friday: Over 300 Atlanta-area students got a drone’s eye view of S.T.E.M. topics such as engineering, aeronautics and virtual technology, as well as tips and techniques on safe flying.
  • Modaero - The Drone Experience

Meeting Expectations planned the Drone Experience component of the MODAERO NextGen Aviation Festival, including a drone exhibitor expo, educational presentations, drone demonstration cage and indoor drone racing. The festival was created by a group of aviation industry veterans with the goal of stimulating growth in the pilot population and aviation community.

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