Alena Andrews

alena andrews

Marketing Specialist

Really good at: Getting lost even with GPS directions.

Known for: Crossing items of my bucket list.

Loves: Implementing innovative ideas and project management skills.

Guilty as Charged: Cuddling with everyone’s fur babies even though I’m super allergic to anything with fur! I can’t resist their cuteness!

Alena Andrews

About Alena

Alena graduated from Georgia State University and has a background in government and nonprofit agencies. A jack of all media trades, Alena loves to work on marketing media, video production, and creative design. At ME, Alena works closely with clients to assist with the analysis of marketing data, including campaign results to improve future marketing strategies. Along with this, Alena takes on the implementation of new campaigns which includes personalized communication plans, digital marketing, and PPC advertising.

A Washington, DC native, Alena enjoys the city life and loves trying out new restaurants and attractions all around the Atlanta area. If she is not checking out the city sites, you may find Alena volunteering at a DV shelter or advocating within the community for foster care awareness.