Barbara Fisher

barbara fisher

site selection manager

Really good at: Planning parties and trips and keeping things organized

Known for: Reliability, attention to detail, loyalty & multi-tasking

Loves: Traveling! My family, hiking, reading, hosting parties & live music

Guilty as charged: Always listening to country music (preferably old-school country!) and attempting to sing along

Barbara Fisher

About barbara

Hailing from St. Louis, Barbara graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University and followed a good friend to Atlanta. Soon after starting her career with Turner Home Satellite, she discovered she loved everything in the South. Barbara also spent time in Boulder, CO, where she worked for Benjamin West, a hotel purchasing company. Eventually, her family settled back into Atlanta, where she raised her two boys, who are the light of her life. Barbara also spent time as a marketing and executive assistant in real estate. When she’s not working, she loves to enjoy the outdoors, whether hiking, walking, or reading on her front porch. She also enjoys traveling and has touched nearly all seven continents.