Betsey Blimline


marketing specialist

Really good at: Multi-tasking, creating solutions, and caring about the client

Known for: Mad editing skills, my obnoxious laugh, sneezing violently and repeatedly

Loves: My kids, working in pet rescue, traveling with loved ones

Guilty as charged: I have never said no to fostering a homeless pet

Betsey Blimline

About betsey

Betsey Blimline is a marketing specialist with Meeting Expectations. She works to create, coordinate and strategize all marketing and communications for the International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP). Betsey’s responsibilities include creating print publications, website content marketing, electronic communications and campaign creation and execution.

Prior to joining Meeting Expectations in 2014, Betsey worked as the director of marketing for Atlanta Pet Rescue and as a senior marketing specialist for AXA/Enterprise Group of Funds. Betsey graduated from Lander University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing communication.