Carley Morris

carley morris

Meeting Planning Senior Coordinator

Really good at: Not only Meeting Expectations, but Exceeding Expectations (*wink wink*)

Known for: Being overly clean and organized as well as running the Annabelle_thepug Instagram account

Loves: Eating Mexican & Italian food, dancing to rap Music, interior design, and of course, my pug, Annabelle.

Guilty as Charged: Sending friends an absurd amount of Tik-Toks and opening a can of Coca-Cola and only taking a few sips…

Carley Morris

About Carley

Carley joined Meeting Expectations in 2021 as a meeting planning senior coordinator. She is really good at managing registration, performing administrative duties, and tending to event logistics.

Carley received her undergraduate degree from Kennesaw State University studying Marketing & Event Management. During her time at KSU, she worked in many sectors of the hospitality industry, which led her to where she is today. She plans to further her education by earning certifications to advance her career path.

Outside of working, Carley enjoys spending time hanging out with friends, taking her pug to the dog park, doing yoga, and occasionally treating herself to retail therapy.