Chiara Newland

chiara newland

senior association coordinator


Really good at: Planning vacations, making cookies/desserts, and having a good time

Known for: Making people laugh, whether it is with me or at me, and always being down for an adventure

Loves: My cat Pebbles, 90s pop music, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (and my husband, he is up there too)

Guilty as charged: Watching train-wreck reality TV shows such as any Real Housewives or 90-Day Fiance – the more cringe the better. Also, Sharknado is a cinematic masterpiece (all of them)…sorry not sorry!

About Chiara

Chiara is known for her witty and lighthearted personality, ability to smack talk any team who plays her Pittsburgh Steelers, and love of all things 90’s pop music. Chiara joined Meeting Expectations in 2020.

Chiara is the Senior Association Coordinator for M&A Source. Her daily activities include all things membership, education, certification, and conference related for M&A Source, as well as providing smiles and customer service to anyone who calls. Before joining Meeting Expectations, Chiara spent a few years as an Intelligence Analyst for the FBI and prior to that she was a Special Education Teacher. While she may have the soul of a gyspy, Chiara is incredibly dedicated to whatever work she is doing and the best person to have at your side when the chaos hits the fan.

Chiara graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2014 with a degree in International Affairs.