Debbie Bouali

debbie bouali  

senior association coordinator


Really good at: Being punctual! Marking my calendar to always prepare and plan ahead.

Known for: Cooking healthy meals (recipes not invited).

Loves: Adult coloring and listening to music – both are my stress relievers.

Guilty as charged:Eating my favorite comfort foods: buttered pasta, home-made French fries, & pupusas (Salvadorian stuffed corn tortillas). Of course, not all at the same time!

About debbie

Listening to music is a MUST in Debbie’s daily routine and environment! She enjoys music of all genres from Latin/Boleros, Frank Sinatra, Guns N’ Roses, and classical just to name a few. Now when she puts music and cooking together – it’s enjoyment time!

Before Meeting Expectations, Debbie was a Meeting and Database Coordinator for the American Cancer Society, in the Executive Office of the CEO and board of directors for the state of California. While at ACS, she helped implement a database management system that contained volunteer contact information for the entire state of California and assisted in meeting planning for all board meetings and retreats. Along with this experience, she was the Administrative Specialist for the industry that handles all the blue highways signs in the state of Georgia. Debbie has extensive years of administrative, project management and customer service in a variety of industries where she also did contract work.

Debbie enjoys learning about diversity and cultures and is trilingual in English, Spanish, and French. She is a Los Angeles native and lived in El Paso, TX, San Francisco, CA, and Dubai, UAE. Debbie earned her AAS degree in Computer Information Systems from El Paso Community College and is also a certified ZUMBA instructor.