Jeff Rausch



Really good at: People skills

Known for: Professional game show contestants Life Line

Loves: His Family and wood working

Guilty as charged: Random facts and asking unusual questions

Jeff Rausch

About Jeff

As partner for Meeting Expectations, Jeff Rausch helps the Meeting Expectations leadership team with improvement initiatives for the company at large. Jeff has been a team member since 1996 and became a partner in 2002 and served as Chief Operating Officer 2014-2018. Jeff now uses his strategic insights and business acumen to provide consulting and support special projects for the Meeting Expectations team.

As COO, Jeff led company operations, process improvement and employee engagement using business intelligence as a catalyst. Under his direction, the company aligned the goals of each business area with overall company objectives. Jeff’s additional responsibilities included strategic sourcing, ecommerce, compliance, time and productivity management and office management. Before moving solely into operations, Jeff led the organization’s technology department for fifteen years.

Prior to joining Meeting Expectations, Jeff served as a principal of Moir Danforth & Brandon, an organizational development and strategic planning consulting firm, where he developed the company’s client technology programs.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Alfred University with an emphasis in marketing, biology and art. He is a participant in multiple consumer advisory boards and does volunteer work at a local elementary school.