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lacey facer

senior association manager

Really good at: Creative solutions, problem-solving, empathizing with others, and finding the positive side of things. (Also singing, but only when I’m in my car by myself)

Known for: Apple technology & being an early adopter of tech (nicknamed iLacey by fellow ME’r Amanda Hammerli)

Loves: Family, friends, traveling, dogs, 30A & FSU

Guilty as charged: Cheering on the Noles even during bad seasons

White ME logo on orange background

About lacey

Lacey serves as the executive director of the International Practice Management Association (IPMA). In this role, she ensures that the strategic vision of the board of directors is followed and executed with an emphasis on increasing the overall revenues. In addition, Lacey owns the responsibility for a variety of business functions for the association including financial management, marketing & communications, business development, website & event management, employee & volunteer management, and all the other various projects that inevitably arise within an organization.

Lacey is an active member of the Georgia Society of Association Executives and serves on the leadership team. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Florida State University.