Lexie Hogge

lexie hogge

Exhibit & Sponsor Services Specialist

Really good at: Leading (my friends call me the ringleader), dancing, and making friends

Known for: Mom jokes, always having energy, and getting things done

Loves: My kids, obstacle course races, the lake, and people

Guilty as charged: I am loud and like to laugh too much. I hate folding laundry

Lexie Hogge

About lexie

Lexie is first and foremost a mother to six amazing children who are her number one priority. Before kids, she received her broadcasting degree and FCC license for radio. Lexie worked in radio for years, mostly in the promotions department planning and organizing events, and being on air. She loved that high energy vibe and still does to this day. Lexie began with one of our clients in 2021, quickly gaining a love for their board and company. She admires what they stand for and how they educate their community.