D. Linsey Wisdom

d. linsey

director of membership and sales

Really good at: Relationship builder and connection creator

Known for: Going the extra mile to show others they are appreciated and supported

Loves: Exotic cuisine, traveling “off the beaten path” and sloths (the furry kind)

Guilty as charged: Making people laugh at inappropriate times

About Linsey

In the fall of 2018, Meeting Expectations welcomed Linsey Wisdom into its ranks. As director of membership and sales for the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG), Linsey employs her excellent multi-tasking abilities to coordinate meetings, project manage different projects for the organization while also providing exceptional administrative support for the OATUG team.

Prior to Meeting Expectations, Linsey employed her skills and talents at Families First, a non-profit with 31 board members, an advisory board and 12 committees.

Linsey is known internally for her gourmet cooking abilities, including her homemade pimento cheese and bacon jam, and her sparkling personality. She once solo traveled through Bolivia, braving the country without speaking any Spanish at the start of her trip.