Pamela Lehman


senior association manager

Really good at: Asking questions.

Known for: Always being genuine.

Loves: My family, of course! Reese’s peanut butter cups are a close second.

Guilty as charged: Coming in at the end of a ballgame or movie on TV and I start talking to my husband. Drives him crazy.

About Pamela

As senior association manager for Meeting Expectations-managed Mile High SHRM in Denver, Pam provides excellent customer care to more than 1000 members, coordinating the annual conference, managing financial reports and working closely with the board of directors.

Pam joined the Meeting Expectations team in 2017, bringing with her more than 10 years of experience with Ranch Capital, a California real estate developer. There, she served as a liaison between the company, community and local organizations. She also acted as the associate director of the local chamber of commerce.

After growing up in Iowa, Pam has been lucky enough to live on the east coast (NYC) and the west coast (San Diego).  While loving both locations, she now is happy calling Colorado home. Pam enjoys spending time with her family, trying new restaurants and events in Denver and getting in some hikes in the beautiful Colorado mountains. 

Pam volunteers for a local non-profit, Foster Source. They provide education, supplies and respite for foster parents. She says doing the childcare during their events is both eye-opening and uplifting.