Sabine Vante

Samantha Fromm

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Really good at Coming up with innovative ideas, engaging with people, and analyzing situations

Known for: Being quick-witted and making people laugh

Loves: My dog, Cosmo, and cat, Sherlock.

Guilty as charged: Usually showing up five minutes late to plans with friends

Sabine Vante

About Samantha

Samantha Fromm joined meeting expectations in 2022 as the senior marketing coordinator for the Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention (OSAP).

Samantha has worked a wide range of jobs before her time at ME. She has done everything from door-to-door sales, to being a personal chef for prominent families in the Atlanta area, managing events for a Hawaiian vegan online wholesaler, and providing supplemental instruction for elementary-aged children during the beginning of the pandemic.

Samantha spends time with her pets, partner, or pals when she is not working at ME while watching awful reality dating shows or cooking. She also freelances and travels for a vegan food festival non-profit that hosts events around the Southeast.

Samantha loves plant-based food, alliteration, and run-on sentences and is always happy to discuss any of these topics.