Sherri Wolf

sherri wolf

Conference Manager

Really good at: Organizing, sewing, photography, and walking on the beach 

Known for: Finding new and off-the-beaten path travel destinations and a deep sense of loyalty

Loves: Family, traveling, cooking, and listening to audiobooks

Guilty as charged: I listen to comedy channels on Sirius XM, would go to school forever if I could afford it, and would love to write a book, start a podcast, or a vlog

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About Sherri

While raising her three daughters, Sherry went to college and finished BA degrees in public relations and marketing. She’s also earned a degree from a local travel school. She brings deep knowledge of meeting planning, event logistics, catering sales, registration, and concierge services. Previously, Sherry supported groups, including PwC, Cisco, and Chik-Fil-A. Between dazzling clients, Sherry leans into mastering her 10-needle embroidery machine.