Stephanie Rehberg

stephanie rehberg  

Senior Marketing Coordinator


Really good at: Creative ideas and slogans. Looking on the bright side

Known for: Being an identical twin and my love of fashion

Loves: Reading, particularly nonfiction and travel

Guilty as charged: Coffee and Taco Bell addiction

Stephanie Rehberg

About Stephanie

Stephanie Rehberg joined the Meeting Expectations team in 2020 as a Senior Marketing Coordinator for the Organization of Safety Asepsis and Prevention. She manages OSAP’s social media accounts, writes press releases and other communications, and creates videos and graphics to promote OSAP.

Stephanie graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2020 with a Master’s in Public Administration with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management. She previously earned her Bachelors in Advertising from UGA and interned for the UGA College of Pharmacy and SecondChanceMS.