Vickie Helfenstine

vickie helfenstine

Senior Site Selection Manager

Really good at: Helping out friends, having a great sense of direction, do-it-yourself home projects

Known for: Being easy going, open to trying new things (at least once), and hiring goats to clean out her back yard

Loves: Chocolate, Ice Cream (EDY’s French Silk, Mayfield’s Moose Tracks, Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chocolate Chunk), Chips, Salsa & Cheese Dip, Tex-Mex, Italian, a good steak

Guilty as Charged: Eating junk food for breakfast, lunch, & dinner

Vickie Helfenstine

About Vickie

As a Senior Site Selection Manager, Vickie is responsible for researching and contracting venues for new and existing clients for small to mid-size groups.

Prior to joining Meeting Expectations, Vickie has worked for over twenty years in the hospitality industry. Most recently she was with Marriott Group Sales and prior to that Monumental Meetings, BCD Travel and American Express. Her previous experience includes event sourcing, housing & registration, account management, director of planning and event operations and logistics.

When Vickie is not working, she likes traveling to a lot of great destinations, house/pet sitting (although she doesn’t own any animals), and cheering for her favorite college football teams, NCAA basketball, and the Dallas Cowboys. She also loves getting together with friends to explore new restaurants.