leadership consulting

Change your perspective. Optimize the potential of your association, user group, or other nonprofit through insightful and actionable solutions that elevate every aspect of organizational performance.

Our strength lies in our experience and well-honed ability to recognize growth and improvement opportunities for our clients. Our leadership and strategic consulting services include Organizational and Market Assessments, Strategic Planning Facilitation, and Board Orientations and Training.

From trade groups in sports equipment manufacturing; to business leagues in construction project management; to technology user groups in software manufacturing, we’ve provided outside perspectives – or a new way to frame critical strategic questions – that guide and lift boards up to the next level.

These specialized consulting services enhance our full-service association management. Or can stand on their own when your organization needs the keen eye and fresh approach that only a consultant can provide.

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Our Services


Organizational and Market Assessments

The best organizations are built on a solid foundation comprised of four key elements: well-organized leadership, a clear and compelling mission, a focused strategic plan, and the resources to execute.

Our solutions leverage the knowledge gained through more than a decade’s experience guiding diverse organizations to realize their full potential. A thorough market assessment begins each engagement. We survey current members, past members, and non-members to gauge the organizations perception in their market. We then examine the current market penetration to calculate the growth potential. Then we compare the organizations value proposition against the members and non-members stated needs.

We deliver a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations and roadmaps to transform its benefits and services and attain its growth potential.


    Strategic Planning Facilitation

    In our experience, we find many organizations in one of three states: no current strategic plan; a plan that has been “put on the shelf” and forgotten; or a plan that isn’t being implemented properly. Our team leads organizations in the development of durable and actionable strategies:

    • Create long-term strategic goals
    • Develop mission and vision statements
    • Execute annual business and marketing plans to deliver on your goals
    • Set budget priorities
    • Align staff and volunteer efforts for maximum benefit

    To achieve your strategic vision, we start at the beginning and delve deep into the core purpose behind your organization. When was the last time your board answered these three questions:

    1. Who do we serve?
    2. Where do we serve them?
    3. And, with what intended effect? 

    From these answers, we’ll work in partnership to determine priorities and define the methodologies needed in the following areas:

    • Partnership and alliance programs
    • Customer and member care programs
    • Governance and policies
    • Business plan development
    • Operational efficiency
    • Leadership development
    • Meeting facilitation and agenda development
    • Membership acquisition and retention services





    board orientation and training

    High-performing boards understand the facets of good governance: board responsibilities, legal responsibilities, and areas of board functionality. For many, the board of directors for your association or user group is their first opportunity to experience and follow proper governance structure. Their success – and the success of the organization – can rest on first impressions.

    Our team is skilled at delivering board orientations in a fun, engaging – and educational – way that sets board members and organizations up for success. Proper structure is important, but what sets a successful board apart is a strong culture and balanced agendas.

    Each board meeting should allocate at least 25% of its agenda to discussing strategic issues. With solid orientation and training, individual board members will do the research to make decisions. This then pays future dividends to the association or user group because good people follow good people. An effective board attracts effective board members.

    We approach good governance like a team sport. We’ll work with you to define the responsibilities of individual board members within the context of what is best for the organization as a whole. A great board understands these responsibilities and operates with them in mind.

    Upon completion of orientation and/or a training program, your board members will understand :

    • Individual fiduciary and duties of care, loyalty and obedience 
    • Hierarchy of legal documents followed, to remove liability
    • How to put these duties into action in an engaging, rewarding and productive ways

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