Jeff Rausch

Partner and Board Member
As partner for Meeting Expectations, helps the Meeting Expectations leadership team with improvement initiatives for the company at large.


Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Alfred University with an emphasis in marketing, biology and art.


As a central part of Meeting Expectations’ growth and development since 1996, Jeff served as Chief Operating Officer for the company until April of 2018. Now as partner and board member, Jeff uses his strategic talents and business acumen to provide consulting and support special projects for the Meeting Expectations team.

As COO, Jeff was involved in every phase of client and company operations, including sales, planning, implementation, monitoring and metrics collection and analysis. Under his direction, the company aligned the goals of each business area with overall company objectives. Further, he implemented business intelligence initiatives to provide just-in-time information to assist company leaders in making make well-informed business decisions.

In addition to those listed above, Jeff’s responsibilities included ecommerce, compliance, strategic partnerships, time and productivity management, office management, and strategic client support.

Before moving solely into operations, Jeff led the organization’s technology department for more than fifteen years. In this role, he was able to successfully provide the company and its various clients with a broad array of solutions based on their specific needs in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Prior to joining Meeting Expectations, Jeff served as a principal of Moir Danforth & Brandon, an organizational development and strategic planning consulting firm, where he developed the company's client technology programs. In addition, he has been involved in strategic planning for a wide range of firms, from web development to construction companies.

Volunteer Work

Jeff is a participant in multiple Consumer Advisory Boards and does volunteer work at a local elementary school.

What Inspires Me?

“I am inspired by excellence, and I love seeing things done really well. It motivates me to try and do the same.”

Fun Facts
  • Jeff was part of a PBS documentary about child development when he was four years old.
  • Jeff worked on a farm growing up.

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There is amazing energy and excitement among the membership about everything Meeting Expectations is doing for IAIP. They are LOVING the GO ALL IN campaign. Members even showed up to the conference with this logo on buttons and business cards! They are definitely adopting the tools the team put together.

Executive Director, IAIP