Luis Bermudez

Founding Partner
Over the last 20 years, Luis Bermudez has worked with Meeting Expectations on a wide range of strategic planning and business improvement projects. Luis supports Meeting Expectations’ leadership team and, as part of the Meeting Expectations' consulting team (ACI), leverages his extensive experience in the private business sector to provide unique insight and solutions to the companys’ not-for-profit clients.


He holds dual degrees in economics and marketing management from the University of Georgia and an MBA from the University of Denver.


After working for a larger telecom corporation, Luis turned to business startups. Over the years he co-founded Hello Yellow (1986), an early entrant into electronic publishing, Meeting Expectations (1991) and Hispanic Yellow Pages Network LLC (2004), a leading publisher of Spanish language directories in major US markets.

As Founder of BKI and Magellan, Luis worked with US-based and international clients on over 170 diverse projects in telecom, media and information services over the last 25 years. He led projects for/with companies such as British Telecom / Yell Group, Telia (Sweden), Telefónica of Spain, Telstra/Sensis (Australia), GTE, US West, divisions of AT&T, Local Insight Media (a Welsh-Carson property), The New York Times and Rodale Publishing. His specific role differs by project, but he participated as an “outside” complement to corporate strategic planning, marketing and business development/acquisition teams or as a member of the senior leadership team at the C-level.


Why Do I Love Events and Associations?

"Events are increasingly becoming a more critical component of any organization’s marketing strategy as face-to-face interaction gains value in an increasingly fragmented media world. Associations create communities around common interests that elevate their industries and professions."

What Inspires Me?

"I'm inspired by the creativity and 'can do' attitude of entrepreneurs, especially in today’s world of constant disruption, innovation and change."

Fun Facts
  • Luis is an avid cook at home and volunteers his culinary skills to feed large crowds at church.
  • He reads a book a week and yet has never switched from hardcover print versions.
  • One of Luis’ favorite quotes is, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

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