David Fattahian

Chief Information Officer
As the CIO of Meeting Expectations, David Fattahian is responsible for establishing and implementing a strategic information management vision that is in-synch with the rhythm and tempo of the business and industry while, at the same time, forward looking and anticipates opportunities to leverage and drive changes as each evolve.


Having worked with Meeting Expectations as a partner in supporting shared customers for 15 years prior to joining the company, David’s goal is to drive value and service through the use of technology-based solutions and services. He defines the role of the information technology team as providing customers and staff with tools and services to unleash their creativity and deliver best in class services to their stakeholders.


Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)


Fun Facts

• David won a medal in a piano competition in seventh grade but has not played piano since.
• One of David’s favorite books is Zen an the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. He first read the book when he was 17 years old and says it has had great influence on his life.
• David’s favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys.


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Meeting Expectations' ability to handle negotiations and the perspective and ideas they bring to the table are an incredible asset to the organization. The responsiveness to the TUG membership has been great and their proactive marketing campaigns to attract new members has shown through with an increase in membership growth and retention.

Scott Bishop Vice President, Timberline Users Group