J.C. Sandel

Senior Marketing Coordinator
JC Sandel specializies in event and association marketing for Meeting Expectations. JC began his career at Meeting Expectations as a senior conference coordinator, honing his expertise in sponsorship program development and fulfillment. As part of the marketing & creative services team, he lends his talents in social media, email marketing and project management. In his time at Meeting Expectations, JC has worked with F3Expo, the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (VETS).


JC graduated from the University of Alabama in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and information sciences.

Why Do I Love Events and Associations?

“I love events and associations because of the opportunity to network and travel to great locations.”


What Inspires Me?

“My friends and family – I want to make them proud of my accomplishments!”


Fun Facts

• JC’s favorite escape is the beach.
• His favorite movie is Christmas Vacation. He and his family have watched it every year since he was a kid.
• His favorite football team is The Alabama Crimson Tide. While he attended Alabama, he witnessed them win 3 SEC Championships and 2 National Championships.


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There is amazing energy and excitement among the membership about everything Meeting Expectations is doing for IAIP. They are LOVING the GO ALL IN campaign. Members even showed up to the conference with this logo on buttons and business cards! They are definitely adopting the tools the team put together.

Executive Director, IAIP