Jefferey Turner

Strategic Technology Support, Corporate Events
Jeffrey Turner, IT manager, provides technology support services for conferences and events, worldwide. 



Prior to aligning with Meeting Expectations, Jeffrey co-founded AetherQuest Solutions, a provider of focused, cost-effective and value-added event management, information technology and program management solutions.

Why Do I Love Events and Associations?

“I love events and associations because I enjoy the ability to plan IT services, install and manage services on site and then tear them down when the show is over. I get to go through the entire lifecycle, see it work and make our clients happy.”

What Inspires Me?

“I am inspired by fun clients that are a joy to work with. I am also inspired by fun Meeting Expectations teams I go on site with.”


Fun Facts

• Jeff attended the Coast Guard Academy, where he had the opportunity to play in a football game in Japan against the defending Japanize College National Champion Coast Guard officer that used to lead law enforcement teams and boarded ships in the Atlantic Ocean.
• In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing golf and looking for new and interesting places to eat.
• His favorite places to travel are Sarasota, Florida and Austin, Texas.


How Can We Help You? +1 404.240.0999

It has been my personal privilege to work with Alex Murphy and the Site Selection team at Meeting Expectations for the last several years. Alex is the consummate professional both in negotiating and advocating for her clients and working with us as a hotel to streamline the process of moving business to the next level. The Meeting Expectations team is one that can truly tout themselves as experts in understanding what their customers want and need.

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