Jennifer Sanford, CAE

Association Director
Jennifer works as the Executive Director for the National Property Management Association (NPMA). She is responsible for managing the contract between Meeting Expectations and NPMA, ensuring all deliverables are met and managing all employees and staff working with NPMA. Jennifer is also the main point of contact for the NPMA executive board and key volunteers.



Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science in economics from Grand Valley State University and earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in management and ethical Leadership and graduate certificate in Leadership and Ethics from Kennesaw State University.

Why Do I Love Events and Associations?

“I love events and associations because there is always something to learn and figure out. I love to have multiple projects to work, and I enjoy helping other people run their associations and knowing that our work enables others to learn and perform better in their jobs.”

Fun Facts

• Jennifer loves to travel and has visited 43 states and 13 countries.
• Jennifer is a trained animal rescue volunteer and has worked dog fighting seizures, hoarding situations and a horse cruelty case.


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There is amazing energy and excitement among the membership about everything Meeting Expectations is doing for IAIP. They are LOVING the GO ALL IN campaign. Members even showed up to the conference with this logo on buttons and business cards! They are definitely adopting the tools the team put together.

Executive Director, IAIP