Jenny Schaudies

Senior Site Selection Manager
Jenny Schaudies is a senior site selection manager with Meeting Expectations. She works with clients and planners to determine all conference meeting space and room block needs and then creates a request for proposal (RFP), which is sent to hotel partners. Once proposals are submitted, Jenny reviews them and determines the top three to five hotels and presents them to the client for final selection. Jenny organizes client site visits and negotiates contracts. Prior to the client’s event, Jenny tracks the client’s room block on a weekly basis to monitor for potential attrition risk. Alternatively, she’ll secure overflow properties if the client has filled the hotel block.



Jenny is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in management with a minor in International Affairs.



Prior to joining Meeting Expectations, Jenny worked as transient sales coordinator for Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

Volunteer Work

Jenny volunteers with middle school kids at North Point Community Church.


Why Do I Love Events and Associations?

“I love events and associations because I’ve always had a fascination with hotels and the hospitality industry. My favorite book growing up was 'Eloise' because she got to live in a hotel. For my ninth birthday, all I asked for was to spend the night at a hotel, and it was the best birthday ever!”


Fun Facts

• Jenny participated in synchronized swimming as a child.
• Jenny and her husband moved to Maui 30 days after they were married, but ended up leaving after a year and a half because they missed the South and their friends and family.
• Jenny’s favorite escape is Rosemary Beach, Florida.


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